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It’s Official – I am leaving Fusion-io

In the midst of all the great stuff happening in the tech industry I have made the decision to leave Fusion-io and start the next chapter. I grew up in the tech as a developer and so focusing on hardware has been a huge, yet valuable learning curve. This has led me to my next move which is to build VDI solutions using technologies like Fusion-io. I have chosen to work with a company called V3 Systems who has created a VDI purpose-built appliance to deliver the fastest virtual desktops in the marketplace. This is the last frontier of items targeted for the cloud.

VDI is nothing new in fact its been around for the last 10-15 years or so  which makes this move even more compelling. The problem that has plagued organizations is that Virtual desktops have not worked as well as the many vendors claim. They are slow and clunky and do not offer the cost savings or simplicity needed deploy such a solution. Pilot, fail, pilot, fail is a very common theme among those who have tried VDI.  They are slow because of de-coupled or network attached storage as well a latency added by the networking needed. The soaring costs of  current VDI solutions add to this intense issue of which organizations cry out for a VDI that works. I know that was a little dramatic, but it’s still real.

V3 systems offers a new direction and architecture to VDI that allows it to work very very well.  The key breakthrough here is using local storage instead of network attached, second a combination between hardware and software. Hardware that allows for insanely fast access and software to manage and optimize the hardware.  Their single appliance approach eliminates the need of over complex networking ,  hosts with HBAs, and SANs to provide VDI. The power is in the fact that a single stratosphere appliance from V3 to serve 50-400 virtual desktops.

Anyway there are some great things to come and I am very grateful for the opportunities in front of me. I want to thank everyone that I worked with at Fusion-io and wish them the absolute best of luck in the upcoming months. My last day at Fusion-io will be Friday March 4th..


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  1. Josh
    March 2, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    My best wishes on your new adventure!

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